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Winter Comiket Cosplay!

Our collection of photo’s from Winter Comiket. How many cosplay can you name?

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Everything Comiket

The Comic Market, or Comiket, as it is more affectionately referred to, is an event held twice a year at the Tokyo Big Site in seaside Odaiba, Tokyo. As one can derive from the name one of the main purposes of Comiket is the promotion and sale of indie comic books/novels or doujinshi (同人誌) . […]


We won a trip to Australia!

Emily and I won a contest from a radio station here in New Zealand called The Hits, where we had to make a 30 second video saying why we should win. Here’s our winning entry: I was called at about 7am, which is too early! I was sleeping when they called me live on air […]


What is JMEJPN?

JMEJPN is a YouTube Travel Series following the adventures of Jamie Goodwin & friends throughout Japan. Every Episode introduces a new location or event in Japan with the aim of providing background information and useful advice for those looking to travel in Japan. Often with a healthy slice of comedy on the side.

We cover topics such as Popular Culture (Anime, Manga etc.), Popular Tourism Destinations, Important Japanese Cultural events and more. There's something for everybody.

JMEJPN is the result of the collaboration between many people. Jamie Goodwin, Jonathan Glassey, Emily Farr, Hayato Clearwater and Scott Van der Zwet are just some of the people that help bring JMEJPN to life!

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