Ep 02 – Odaiba Fireworks

You can’t say Summer in Japan without thinking about Fireworks. Join the boys on this hot hot Summer day as they set out to experience the best of Japanese Fireworks at the Tokyo Bay Fireworks in Odaiba. Oh… and sweat a-lot!

A couple of fun and not-so-fun memories come up watching this video again. Falling deeper into our train mania, we could help but sing ‘Monorail’ from ‘The Simpsons’ everytime the word ‘Monorail’ was uttered. However actually riding the monorail on this day was far from an enjoyable experience. Imagine being crammed into train with no-space to move or breathe on one of the hottest, most humid days in Japan. In the end though we managed to get a sweet spot on the beach at Odaiba-Kaihin ParkĀ and proceeded to enjoy the fireworks display with an assortment of Japanese Beer on hand! A day to remember indeed!

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